About Us

Farida Raquib Securities Ltd. is one of the largest and renowned brokerage house in the capital market of Bangladesh. This is a leading brokerage firm and preferred service provider with acknowledge industry leadership in execution. We want to satisfy our clients. We use a host of strategies and resources to ensure that we can help our clients to realize maximum return from their investments.

Our Aims and Objects:
Our aims and objects is totally satisfy to our clients. We always do best to give our clients an outstanding services for the lowest possible cost. We always be honest to our clients. We discourage the idea of hidden cost. We promise to tell our clients everything upfront. We want to enhance value for our customers in a sustainable and comprehensive manner by providing value-added advice and personalized services.

Customer Relation:
We believe in keeping our client's satisfied at all the time. We are known to provide prompt services that enables them to meet their investment objectives. We seek to build long-term relationship with our customer and put the customer's interest first and maintained confidentiality.